Inbound email flagged as spam

I just setup an account on DH and most of my inbound emails are going to the spam folder. These are wanted emails. Even my receipt from DH went to spam. Mind you, this isn’t the spam filter in my email app. But the mail server is dumping 90% of inbound mail there.

What should I do?

Thank you


Hello! Sorry about your issue. I’ve passed this report to our product engineering team for investigation. In the meantime, could you please initiate a chat with our technical support? I think they may have an interim solution for an issue like this.

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Ditto happening here the past 2 or 3 days or so too. Might be just 2 days, but could be 3.

Just to pile on, exactly the same just started happening here. Most of the mail in Spam was good, in fact, two identical emails from UPS, one went to Inbox, one Spam. Just started the last few days. And, all of it is being funneled into one accounts Spam folder, no matter which account it originally went to.

To continue the piling-on, this has been happening to me on all three domains I have hosted at Dreamhost

I too am seeing many of my legitimate emails now going to Spam when they were not before. They seem to mostly be mailing list type emails such as Kohls, Kroger, Ikea, Lowes, Carters, Oriental Trading, eBay, Amazon, and even PayPal and, etc. Very frustrating. I have to add a bunch of domain names to the Anti-Spam Allow List. This has only started in the past few weeks. I’m half tempted to turn off Spam filtering completely. (At least I’m not the only one, I guess.)

For me, 8 days after the problem started, the system is still flagging emails as spam that normally not only get delivered, but get routed into specialized inboxes. It’s gone from over 100 incorrectly-categorized emails/day to 17 today, but still, considering that the problem started with “issues we are experiencing with mailchannels we are switching to new filtering,” i.e. issues on the server end, I hope it is resolved soon, given that monitoring the spam box and setting up new filters is a time suck taking me and others away from business.

I have given Dreamhost the ultimatum that if its not fixed in 24 hours that I’m leaving and getting a full refund…

Same here. Starting 29 SEP the spam filters became hyper-aggressive. I have email getting identified as spam that is in my white-list. Guys, you have to fix this. Turn the spam filter down from 11!

I don’t mind that the spam filter is at 11, but it’s really gotta be adaptive/learning/trained/whatever, and it’s been plenty long enough that it should have adapted!

Now getting this from the Dreamhost automated reply system;


Please accept our apologies for the issues you’re experiencing.

We are currently working with our email filtering service to get this issue resolved.

Again we apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. We thank you for your patience and understanding.

DreamHost Support Team

Seems that Dreamhost is working the problem. I got a detailed response to my specific issues that read, in part;

Hi there,

Thanks for contacting us! And, my sincerest apologies for the delay in

Sorry for the inconvenience with the new filtering system falsely
flagging messages as potential spam when they’re not. We’re currently
looking into getting our new filtering services updated within our
internal allow/block function, and updating the spam algorithm for known
sender domains. The new filtering is like a new born baby, so it still
has lots to learn. But, we’re looking to get the algorithm updated as
soon as possible.

Wonder why the spam algorithm wasn’t prepped in a test bed first to avoid having such an impact when it went live?

All my important emails are now missing and not coming in. Its getting worse…

I’ve noticed a LOT of email that has been valid for months, if not years, now being flagged as spam, including email from Amazon, LEGO, Nextdoor, Newegg, Sam’s Club, and USAA. This seems like a bad situation all around, and it looks like it goes back at least a month now that I’m checking it more closely. Come on DH folks, your old filters seem to have been more reliable!

racooper - same. Surprised me that so many similar e-mails (indeed from some of the exact same companies!) were getting classified as spam, not just a day or two in, but still a week later…

Even the dream host support emails are going to spam. As well as my first invoice from them

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I have closed my account and now they refuse to issue a refund for lack of service. Their support is lacking and I gave them plenty of time to rectify the issue. And waiting a day or more for a response is atrocious.

That sucks. Historically they have been more than happy to refund users when an issue is clearly on their end.

I went through a similar situation at another host before moving my sites here. So instead of using DH email, I just set up several aliases to forward to my secure gmail account where I condig’d the same aliases to send & receive. Plus I get all that seamless free storage at Google Drive.

So Dreamhost, are you ever going to let the rest of your customers know about this mess? Is anyone from Dreamhost monitoring this string?