In Theory DH Running MUD server

Has DH ever allowed anyone to run a Mud Server on the host box? I am a new user and have been running a mud for years. I am using DH for a completely different reason, but with shell, it looks like it would compile just fine and be able to run from the home dir. I would imagine that a special exception would be have port xxxx open for telnet sessions. There are many providers for online games that have shell set-up like DH…so…just a question from a curious ex-gamer.


I think a lot would depend on how many system resources the Mud server consumed. It might be permitted if it did not adversely affect other users on your shared server.

I should note that in the wiki, DreamHost does state that “Firstly, we reserve the right to kill any user process on a shared server without warning or prior notification at our discretion.”.


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I would think that they would not allow it because it would require a persistent process (or at least CircleMUDs did IIRC). It might be worth going on mudconnector and trying to get in touch with some of the bigger names to see what service they use.

Check out Gordaen’s Knowledge, the blog, and the MR2 page.

A mud would run a persistent process. I had compiled SMAUG in the past. I don’t think that build had any leftover IIRC or IMC (intermud connect? sp) leftover. It would also require come kind of telnet magic like opening ports. Most MUDS today can either code their way into port 23, or use an open port on the higher end. We used 4000. If DH was hosting, they would need to consider all the additional holes in the server. Im new here, just curious…thanks for the replies.