In the interest of paranoia... Changing from Fully Hosted to DNS Only

Hey guys,

So I’m in the process of moving only one of my sites from DH to a different host. The domain should stay on DH so I want to change it from fully hosted to DNS only.

Currently the site is fully hosted with DH.

If I change that from fully hosted to DNS only, what happens to the data that’s hosted in that home directory? I don’t think there’s any reason for it to be deleted once I move to DNS only but I’d like to make sure I won’t lose any data (just to ensure that I have a backout plan just in case).

EDIT: Forgot to mention that I had Cloudflare on this domain as well. I think I might be able to bypass Dreamhost’s DNS options by managing all of the domains on Cloudflare, so it’s possible this question might be obsolete. I need to wait until some DNS things on Cloudflare’s end propagates fully to test this though.

Here’s the info you’ll need:

Your home directory is left intact on the server.