.IN domain whois privacy

So I went ahead and registered a .IN domain without realizing that Dreamhost’s whois privacy does not apply to .IN domains. Whoops. Is there any other way to make this information private? I’d rather not have my address and phone number on the whois database. Does Dreamhost plan on offering whois privacy for .IN domains in the future?


I think the availability depends on the ccTLD. Some countries don’t allow it, I think. If it’s not available, just change your contact details to something more obscure…

I haven’t looked into the .in registry policies in detail; in general, though, we offer WHOIS privacy on all the domains that we can do so for. When we don’t offer it (for instance, for .US domains), it’s generally because the registry’s policy forbids private registrations, or makes them entirely impractical for us to offer.

I found something interesting about and domain with extension .in

The domain i found apparently has a whoisguard when checking it on who.is.

The domains is g-stream.in and it looks like it`s registered with enom.com

What do you think about this?

I was trying to book a domain myself, it is a .in and saw there is no whois privacy for these domains to be precise. [color=#f0f8ff]UPSC CDS Answer Key[/color]