In correct directory?

Ok, I’m NOT new to the website shebang, but I am completely new to Dreamhost, and quite frankly… I don’t like the cpanel. Or what passes for one.


I log in with my FTP and I get this:
micaspringsfarm (which is the web addy)

However, I’ve put an index.php AND index.html file in the home DIR as well as the micaspringsfarm dir, and NOTHING works - I get a page filled with ads. I’ve not had this issue before, and I’m at a loss.

I’m assuming I’m in the correct directory???

All files go into the folder thats named the same as your domain name. If you are seeing a website that does not belong to you, contact DH and let them know, that there is a possibility of someone using your domain name and want them to check into it. Thats assuming that DH is the registar or that domain name if you used another company then contact them.
If you want to use index.php as your main page, don’t upload index.html, as that page would be the default page. DH server checks for index.html before index.php.

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You’re experiencing a network issue, not a web issue.

Did you register your domain with DreamHost or another company?

If another company have you updated the domain to use DreamHost nameservers?

Have you waited 24-48 hours for the DNS to propagate?

Have you traced the route to the web server?

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One last thing, after you upload your files, it is good practice to clear your browser’s cache to make sure you are viewing the latest version of your files.

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No, I think I got it after I dug around, apparently the DNSs didn’t take like they were supposed to. Hopefully that fixes it.

It can sometimes take up to 72 hours for the new name server info to propagate across the Internet, during this period access to your site may ‘come and go’ as the new DNS information ‘settles’.

Good luck.


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If your domain is, it doesn’t look like you changed your nameservers to, and It currently looks like they’re set to

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