In but not out


Hi friends, I have a strange problem.

I can receive mails from my site, but cannot send though them from it.

I get the message;

Any one can help, be most appreciated.


Do you have authentication on your outgoing mail server activated? In Outlook, for example, it is a checkbox saying “My server requires authentication”.

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In addition to what scjessey suggests, it might be that your ISP has blocked port 25 (many do). You can work around this by configuring your email client to use an alternate port (587).



I really like the level of support you guys give, thanks very much.

I did have identification ticked, I’ll try the port trick…


You are welcome, and I hope you are able to get it to work! Let us know if that solved your problem, ok?



Seems to have done the trick, thanks again folks, much appreciated…