Improve the ticket system?


I would like to see some improvements on the ticket system. Like it is now it is a mess and hard to find the info about what you are looking for. Way can it dont be more simple and easy to follow a special ticket.

I dont like Dreamhost ticket system it is weary messy and unstructured.

DreamHost Customer Support Or Technical Support is a Hell:

Especially if you are unable to log into the control panel or if you’r email server is not working?.

Right now, DreamHost customer support is available only after log into the control panel, but if something goes wrong and if you are unable to log into your control panel, it is almost like the End of the world and that is how dreamhost is designed. They do not respond to emails that are not registered. Live Chat support is not available if you are not logged into their control panel. The online support forum page is only for sales and billing.

I did not realize this HELL until now, because my emails are not accessible and I can’t log into the control panel as I cannot verify the loggin verification code that they sent to emails. If you are unable to access emails, you can’t access control panel (if you enabled the email verification, two step log in option?).

If you ever be in this situation where I am, what you will find with Dreamhost support is nothing but a HELL, they have no phone support, no chat support, and the so called online support forum they display colorfully is only for sales. And, if you have to file some complaint on that page, there is no drop down menu or option to choose tech support or domain support or login issues, all the drop down menu’s are for sales, billing etc.

Almost five days gone since my email access is suspended, I wrote several emails using other emails (like google, and another pvt emails), the dreamhost knocks them out and do not respond because they are not registered emails in the system, and those registered emails are not accessible because of the Dreamhost’s own stupid Icann registrar verification, overall, it is a hell.

Hope someone, a human who works for dream host see this message and contact me immediately to resolve this issue