Improve Server Response Time



Ops that should be would NOT let me save it.


You’re editing the right file as your root/admin account, right?

Remember a VPS has that extra boss account :slight_smile:


No idea what the “extra boss account” is. I have only set up one user and it will not let me log in using the method in the link you provided. I even changed the password for this user so there was no doubt I was using the correct one and still will not let me in. Not sure why this is made so difficult. Something is obviously wrong as the site is super slow, editing in wordpress is super slow and the Google PageSpeed scores remain crazy low (25-40 now).

I have gone back to my settings from months ago using FastCGI and XCache and it has made no difference. The problem is something else. I guess I will create another ticket and see if anything can be improved before I have to tack more drastic measures and move the site to another host.


If you go to you’ll see you have one ID that’s the ‘admin’

That’s the account that’s got ‘root’ access.


After weeks of trying to get this fixed and several support tickets, I finally received a response from DH support and here it is:

“I’ve checked the VPS and I’m not seeing any issues with it at this time”

Well that was supper helpful. BTW, the site is still VERY VERY slow, just as slow as it has been for weeks now.


Time is about up. I just checked when I first reported to DH that my site was unacceptably slow. It was 4/7/2013. That’s more than enough time and I think it’s time for me to explore other options. Been with DH since 2005, but I can’t let the site continue to perform so badly for so long and then get the response I noted above. Which means it will be faster for me in the long run to just move to another host than wait on support to provide any help. I know they don’t care (note 4-17-13 date), but I am a loyal person and actually don’t want to move, but I am just left with no choice.



how i can be limited resource for customer in dedicated hosting cpanel server ?

fo rimplement server performance ?

also in solusvm can advise me i have some issue in solusvm


I’m sure DreamHost is aware of the problem. That’s probably the reason why they just released their new DreamPress Wordpress Hosting service.

DreamHost advised me to move from their shared hosting to a VPS in order to improve the site’s speed and resource usage. But now I need to pay an extra $19.95 (introductory price) a month per site so that my WordPress sites run the way they are supposed to?

As long as my sites are running at a decent speed, which are actually faster than my previous host, I’ll stick with them…for now.


I have the exact same problem, Over the last month or so my response times have become very sporadic… Somtimes my sites will load as they should but more often than not they could take up to 20seconds before the server responds and decides to load the page. Ridiculous! Please can you let us know whats happening with the West coast servers…



Chiming in.

I’m on a dedicated server, and one of my sites is having this problem. It gradually slows down to a crawl, and restarting Apache fixes it. The question is, why? Do we have any recommended courses of action to prevent this from happening?


Hi, would you like to explain me how do i turn jabber off?

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Same is happening to me, 20 or 30 seconds before the server response, What should we do to avoid this?


Same issue for me. I’ve spent ages instrumenting my site ( but still see sporadic response times even when all the site is doing is returning a cached page (via Cache_Lite).

I’ve submitted my instrumentation results and so on in a support ticket but haven’t heard anything yet.


If you happen to be using WordPress, and are having problems with your site suddenly bogging down I recommend using Login Lockdown, and also changing your login page. I posted a thread about this earlier this year:

I had to do this on yet another WordPress site I manage, just yesterday…suddenly the site was bogging down…wtf!!!..added Login Lockdown, changed the login page to something non-standard, and things were back to working fine.

It seems if a bot finds your site, it will hammer your site with login attempts. This may or may not be your problem, but it is an easy fix, requires very little time and hardly any resources.

You will know immediatly if it is working.


So I’ve begun a parallel trial on another hosting company and so far things look good. I ran the attached test while DNS was propagating and you can see just how much slower Dreamhost was compared to the new host at returning the first byte of the page:

The Dreamhost IP is highlighted in red.

This is with the exact same site and a very similar LAMP setup. When this was captured, there was more load on the new host. As you can see, almost all DNS servers were already pointing to the new provider.

@sierracircle: I’m not running WordPress.


This same issue drove me nuts for several weeks. My load times on dreamhost were in the 8 seconds to 30 seconds range and thats just wait time before it responds with the page. Also my server seemed to need around 1gig of ram to stay online without constant reboots yet the graph in the cpanel didn’t show a single spike above 400mb… (sorry I cant pay for 1gig or ram for a site that only gets 10/15 hits a day)

I tried several caching plugins, I tried pushing the content over to CDN’s… still no much improvement at all.

I tried contacting dream host countless times but they always just basically say, everything looks find to us, its your problem not ours. Or they would suggest removing plugins or check my site for unoptimized code…

After so much trial and error I figured I did two things, First I started shopping around for a new host and at the same time I decided as a last ditch effort to make the switch from apache over to nginx. I had always heard how superior nginx was to apache and how much less resources it used. After switching to nginx I noticed the ram usage on the graph flattened out but was still high. Page load times were not much different, maybe only a 1 or 2 seconds less but still to long to keep users on the site.

finally after countless hours of trial and error I seemed to find the right settings with W3 Total Cache that resulted in my web page load times being between a half second and 2 seconds.

Lastly for the resource problem dreamhost is to blame. I discovered that dreamhost preinstalls a pretty old version of nginx along with PHP5.2. You heard that right PHP5.2 the same version that they say they wont be supporting any longer because its to old/outdated. I changed my server from php5.2 to php5.3 and the ram usage dropped from 800mb to 200mb. This is how the server should come preconfigured but I’m guessing the only reason they have it loaded with php5.2 is to try and suck more money from your pocket.


I have been dealing with the server response issue since I moved over to a VPS account. I setup a new domain a few weeks ago and for some reason it is taking 5-7 seconds before the DH server responds. My memory usage has also gone up from an average of 300MB to 550MB. And the site hasn’t even gone live yet! I’m running WordPress like most of my sites and have also installed the W3 Total Cache plugin. I have submitted a few support tickets which received the usual “Your site seems fine from our end” type of response. I’ve even submitted a video that showed the difference in response time from my WordPress dashboard on DH and another WordPress dashboard on another host.

Could you share your W3 Total Cache settings? And which PHP 5.3 are you using? With CGI or FastCGI?

My current W3 Total Cache has decreased the site loading speed a bit, but it’s still a hassle when I need to go in and work via the WordPress admin section since that part is not cached.



When I check the version of pho on Apache it days php5.2 and I was floored. I wrote to DH asking for help but it’s been 2 weeks without a response. Can you tell me what you did.

I’ve been with DH VPSfor 2+ and have dreaded moving all my sites but it looks like I am going to have to. Before I do, I just want to make sure that I have tried everything.