Impressions on Google Webmaster Tools collapsed after switching to Dreampress

Hi, I’ve just moved my website from shared host to Dreampress.

My main domain is in English and my mirror domain is in Portuguese Usually, 2/3 of my views comes from the Portuguese domain and the rest from the English one.

However, since moving to Dreampress in September, my impressions and clicks on Google Webmaster Tools have collapsed close to zero exactly at the same time I moved to Dreampress.

Although I can still see that I have views on the English domain when I look at the website stats from Jetpack.

My Portuguese domain didn’t have the same huge drop, but it’s clear that since moving to Dreampress, my viewership is also reducing.

I don’t understand it. Wasn’t moving to Dreampress (VPS) supposed to speed up my website (it did so) and thus help me with SERP?

Any ideas on why this might be happening?

Thank you all!

Besides the switch in IP address for your domain, what else changed? Did the URL of your site change? did you change theme? Something else that changed since September?

Hey, thank you for the response.

As far as I know, nothing has changed. I didn’t even installed SSL because I have a mirror domain and that was conflicting with it. So it’s basically just the move to Dreampress.

I installed Cloudflare, but that was mid-August.

Looks like a misconfiguration somewhere. Do you get traffic reports in Google Analytics? Check if somehow google webmaster is not connected to your domain anymore.

Hi, thanks again.

I do have the traffic reports from Google Analytics. It also shows a decline after I moved to Dreampress.

It seems that my domain is connected without issues with webmaster tools. So I can’t tell why it’s not being able to see my clicks and connections.

@Rodrigo_Souza, I don’t have any answer to your concerns, but I do have a checklist of things that have changed when migrating servers, so here are a few things to consider as you troubleshoot.

That’s a big flag for me. I don’t fully understand what you mean there, but there are various configurations with mirroring that can mess up analytics. For instance, if you moved over just one domain, and left the other in place, are you checking analytics for it? Is traffic going there, instead of the one you want?

If you are sure your site is connected correctly to the analytics service, make sure however you are embedding that javascript tracking code is working. For DreamPress that means checking the plugin settings, and then going to individual pages and checking the source to ensure the javascript is showing.

Also, because most WordPress sites use a plugin to add the javascript code, it means other plugins can conflict, and may potentially block your tracking code from working properly. It seems exceedingly rare from my experience, but there is a chance that the DreamPress server affects one of your plugins in an adverse way.

Don’t be too worried about that! I am just listing out possible ways your traffic isn’t being registered.

And finally, how well do you know your traffic? Looking at it historically, is there a particular source that generates a lot of traffic? Has your visitor engagement changed? I ask, because if I suspected DreamHost was involved in the dip, it would be at the “firewall” level. Sometimes a site gets a lot of bot traffic, and hosting providers can block it for quality of service reasons. Again, don’t worry about that! If this is the case you’ll figure it out looking at your historical data, and can bring that up with support. And it probably doesn’t account for the dips you are seeing; I presume you weren’t getting 50,000 hits from bots. :slight_smile:

These are just ideas to help you think about what changed. :thinking: I listed them in the order to think about. :thumbsup:

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