Impossible to Make A Suggestion when you can't comprehend the pre-screen suggestions!


Dremahost has this ‘Suggestions’ panel, where users can vote on what the customer base wants done here. It’s a great idea. But the implementation is awful - I wanted to make a suggestion to have better technical support, because I’m no web guru, but to ‘Make A Suggestion’, they want you to pre-screen five other suggestions - an interesting and on paper excellent idea, to crowdsource the process. But I couldn’t understand one iota of any of the suggestions presented to me as they were so deeply technical about website tech, and the result was that I was unable to make my suggestion! That’s really really annoying, and nicely illustrates a big problem at Dreamhost - a presumption of being deeply web geeky. That’s not the case with all customers, and it’s off-putting.


I agree, people just end up categorising stuff with anything random just to get through the screening process, so the mechanism doesn’t work and it should be optional because DreamHost must be losing out on a hell of a lot of useful ideas from their customers. My own gripe with the system is that I’ve lost count of the number of suggestions I’ve made, but there’s no follow-up from DreamHost so you never know what ideas they are taking seriously, which ones are in progress, and you can’t even see how many votes your ideas have got. Also, if a suggestion doesn’t get enough votes in a certain time period it’s auto-closed no matter how valid the original idea was. I gave up inputting into it about a year ago because the suggestions system just seems like a black hole (valid or not, that is the impression). Case in point, if you filter the suggestions for ‘suggestions we’re working on’, the latest time stamp is 19th August 2009.


I agree, the suggestion system is a giant blackhole that dreamhost largely ignores.


Good to know I’m not the only one who finds the submission issue stupid…if they even added a "I don’t understand the issue’ button to the pre-screen process, that would help. But it’s insane to stop people making suggestions if you’ve a system there for it!


I believe there’s been a suggestion added for that already lol -"I%20don’t%20understand