Impossible to get an account?

Hi all,

Two days ago I opened an account in DreamHost with duration 1 month to try this host.
One day later, with my account still pending, I contacted support. A couple of hours later, I received a rude answer from Tech Support saying that my account was disabled because their ‘so-called’ fraud detector said so…
First of all, no one explained me why I am considered to be defrauding someone…
And second, aren’t the manual approvals the way to avoid this kind of situations?

This is extremely disappointing…
Does someone can explain this?


Looks like someone already did.

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I assume it must have something to do with the payment account you were using to register your account. I would contact whatever service you were issuing payment through and ask them if they have the funds or credit to cover the purchase. Otherwise, I can’t imagine why Dreamhost would turn down a customer…

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They would turn down a “customer” if odds were that they tried to pay with money that’s not theirs. As I say, “odds,” so there’s still a chance it was a legitimate payment, but companies that get bitten a lot by fraud look for the most reliable forms of payment.