Importing XML file into .org

Hello guys. I am a blogger looking to migrate my blog to a dreamhost hosted site. I want to know if anyone else on here has attempted this & how successful they have been in importing their xml file. I have repeatedly attempted this via godaddy & hostgator and neither have been able to successfully install my xml file. godaddy’s system timed out and resulted in a blank page & hostgator repeatedly resulted in error messages - one was failed to import and the other was post already exists.

I desperately want to migrate my blog but all I have is the XML file avail via admin page on blog site. I have repeatedly attempted to obtain a SQL Dump file but to no avail.

can someone let me know if they were able to migrate their site successfully? I don’t really want to spend another week trying to do something that will ultimately fail.

thanks in advance for your help guys.

Native NYker

If I remember correctly, it should work fine. You might want to keep your other site up until everything is working on your new site.

Create your new site on a temporary domain like:
Get WordPress working, import your XML file, tell it to download the images and such…I seem to remember it doing that all for you…

Once you have that done, and can see all of your posts, and your images are all in your /wp-content/uploads folder ,you can then shut down your other site and move your domain over ( just point your domain to the same directory as where you installed WP) and change that in the settings in WordPress Settings>General page to use that new domain…
You might need to run Velvet Blues URL Updater (plugin) once to correct any broken links…

I hoped against hope that a migration would fair better on dreamhost than the other two places attempted but voila… error message received upon attempting to import a split xml file into’s admin page.

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 268435456 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 71 bytes) in /home/ariram5/ on line 192

does anyone know about this? how do i fix it?

Bummer…sounds like you are running into some memory limits. I supposed you can dinker with upping the memory limit .the wiki has some tips for that

If it were me, I would set up a local web-server with WordPress, import the xml, then export that database and upload it to my dreamhost server and then import that via ssh…
But that is probably a long unnecessary way around…especially if you have not set up a web-server before.

How big is your XML file?

my XML file is 15 mg. I have a split it into 10 parts of 1.5 mg. as for your suggestion - i wouldn’t even know where to start… (update… I retried splitting the XML file into .5 mgs & still get this error: Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 268435456 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 71 bytes) in /home/ariram5/ on line 192)

You might google “wordpress XML import failed”… there is a ton of advice out there. You didn’t give specific error messages but often googling those alone or as part of another query brings very specific advice… Sometimes including words like “dreamhost” helps get specific info, other times leaving it exposes a larger issue.

First thing I would try, because it’s probably the simplest is gzip the file before you upload it.

@LakeRat I did list the error message = Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 268435456 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 71 bytes) in /home/ariram5/ on line 192

dreamhost has expanded the memory for import but now I am getting a new error message that reads: Failed to import Media “Hot Ass Lopez!” - this is full cycle & arrives at the point where I was w/

I don’t understand why this migration needs to be this complicated! can’t anyone just give me a fix for my problems?

!!??Hot Ass Lopez??!!

Maybe open the XML file in a text-editor and remove any entries for this particular media?

Does this cause the rest import to fail, or is everything else importing except whatever the Lopex thing is?

Is the media file REALLY named “Hot Ass Lopez!” with the exclamation point? That would be why. WP doesn’t like characters in media files.