Importing products into CafeCommerce / Cafe Commerce

Hi, I am trying to set up an product import into my Cafe Commerce store for my client. I tried to access live chat but no one seems to be responding and I have had the window open for a long time so I am trying here.

To set up my “template” spreadsheet, I added a test product, assigned it to two categories with several options such as colors, and sizes, and then exported the product and opened it in my spreadsheet program. I do not see many of the fields that I would like to have set up so I can do all the work before importing which is the point to doing this in the first place. There are hundreds of products with at least ten different options in which I want to just do all the work in my spreadsheet. It seems the obvious ones that are missing are the short description, categories, options and images column does not show up from the template I exported. Is this something I can not do beforehand?

So I used my template and when import it comes in my database as all separate products as well. So for example, all of my template was under one product “ALEXIS” and there were several versions of Alexis. I used that template exactly, but when importing a second product “CHERISE” it imported, and when I went to look at my products, it says ALEXIS, then CHERISE 4 times below it. It should be one of each? It must be because it doesn’t know they are options of the same one.

I have experience with doing this for many other shopping carts so this is not a user error…please help as my client is committed to this shopping cart.