Importing PHP files

Can someone please point me in the direction of a KB or resource for importing existing tables into new SQL databases? I’m trying to recreate a website that I recovered from a dilinquent host service. I have a series of tables (.php files) from the old website that I’d like to import into my newly created mysql database. I’m using the DH phpMyAdmin web application; I try to import my existing .php files, but get errors, so it looks like I’ll need a little tutorial :slight_smile:
Thanks much-


The tables in php files (I hope I understand you correctly) are html codes like

data1 data2

They are different from the tables in database. The tables in database are pure data.

If you want to import tables from php file to database, you have to manually write sql queries like “insert into tablename values(data1, data2)”.

I am not sure how to you create the tables in php files. If it is dynamic which means the data are pulled from your existing database, you can then import all the data from your existing database to new database. It is now database-to-database.

To do that,

  1. you can first export your existing database to a sql or text file.
  2. create new database in DH panel --> Goodies --> Manage MySQL databases
  3. go to the new database and import the sql or text file.

Note: you can’t use sql query to create database in DH. So you need to remove “create database XXX” from your exported sql or text file.

If you have any problem doing this, you can post the error message here. I’m sure you will get a quick reply to help you go through this.

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