Importing mailman archive

I want to move a mailman list (or at least the archive) from a CPanel site to Dreamhost. Is it possible to have the archive imported? From what I understand it is just an mbox file which has to be placed in the correct spot.


PS, I did check the wiki first :slight_smile:

Did you ever find a way to do this? I’m a new DH client, and I need to migrate a mailman list to dreamhost.

It’s been four hours, and the support folks haven’t answered my support request yet…

Follow-up post!

I was able to extract my user list from my old host mailman list with the following command:

sudo /usr/sbin/list_members -o [my_subscribers_list.txt] [my_list_name]

Once I had my list of subscribers, I was able to “mass subscribe” them all using the mailman administrative interface at ‘lists.[]’.

As for the archives, a support person named Robert contacted me, and said:

“Is your mailing list an archive and do you have it in .mbox format? If so, just upload it to your webspace, let me know it’s location and I’ll import it for you.”

So, I tarred up my mailman list archives and placed them in my dreamhost web space.

So there we have it. The support folks can migrate the archives.