Importing from

I am having some trouble importing another Wordpress site over to my Dreamhost account. I am trying to do “The Easy Way” according to the docs by exporting the XML file, and importing to my site here at DH.

When I do the import of the file, it lets me choose the users to map the authors to, and then when I hit submit there, to try to do the actual import, it seems to run for a few minutes then I get an “Internal Server Error.”

I’m trying to figure out what the error is. I checked the logs under ~/logs/site/http/error.log, and I’m not seeing anything.

I’ve done the import to a WordPress site that I set up on my local computer and had no problems doing the import. And on DH I’m using the 1-click WP install. I’ve read about other people doing it without any problems too.

Any ideas why my old site data won’t import? If I have to do it manually, I guess that’s no big deal.


I’d suggest first to go to the Fully Hosted settings for that domain, create a new user there, and move the domain to that user. A little box will appear asking if you want the content moved to the new user – keep it checked and save changes.

Make sure it’s a fresh/blank WordPress site, without any other plugins running (other than the WordPress import plugin).

If you’re able to upload the XML file manually via FTP, then import from that with the plugin… that may help it go through, too.

How big is your XML file, though? Anything bigger than 7 MB will need a manual import.