Importing email then moving hosting from another provider


I’m helping friends move their business website and emails from Aabaco to Dreamhost. I want to be sure I’ve got the process correct. Here is their current config:

  1. Hosting and 1 email address on Aabaco
  2. domain registrar = Dotster

So far, I’ve moved all the website contents to Dreamhost (I set up a mirror to be sure all was well). I set up the corresponding email address on Dreamhost and mirrored it as well.

The one email user very much depends on her email for business, so I want to have as little downtime for her as possible. She uses Outlook. Here’s my plan:

  1. Back up her Aabaco email using Outlook to a PST file
  2. Configure Outlook to point to the Dreamhost email mirror and import the PST file.
  3. Double check via webmail that email got imported.
  4. Log in to Dotster and change Aabaco/Yahoo’s nameservers to Dreamhost’s.
  5. Wait :confused:
  6. Change all references to the mirror to the domain on both the live site and her email set up.
  7. Once all is well, move domain registrar to Dreamhost.

Is this the most efficient (and correct) method? Is there a better way for me to do this?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Kate,

We have this guide to help you with the process:

However form your the steps you mentioned above this an efficient way to completing the transfer.

Thank you, I already have that article printed! I appreciate you taking the time to double check my process! Have a great day!