Importing database from previous Gallery2?

I have another site hosting a Gallery 2 install which I want to move to dreamhost.

Can someone explain how I import my old database into the new one? I cant see any options to do so within the control panel!



I think that this Wiki Article will help you out.


Unfortunately it does say (as far as I can see) the one bit of info Im trying to find out. ie where is phpMyAdmin within the control panel interface. I would have thought it would be a seperate menu item - or sublink from MySQL. It it is - I cant see it!


ahh, phpmyadmin is located at the hostname for the database. When you set up the database in the panel, you gave it a hostname -s somehthing like Just type that into a internet bowser and you’ll get phpmyadmin. Log in with the user/pass you set up for the database.


Ah ha. Ok Cheers for that. Everything seems to all be there - but things are not that obvious to find out at times!

This gets more and more unnecessarily complicated!

I set the domain name for a domain currently hosted elsewhere.

The MySQL was give a database name - and it also had another name which was left as (which I now see is a clickable link to manage the database.)

Im kinda thinking that I will not be able to view it until I amend the domain - which as stated, I dont want to do until I know Ive got the gallery working! Am I at catch 22?

Or will I be able to do so with the mirror option setup? It doesnt seem to work using - but I didnt expect it to!

Hmm didn’t work either?

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Nope. I tried all combinations.

I have just had a reply from support. They say I need to create another database using the mirror domain. Surely this wont use the “real one”?

Im having a real tough time of this. The gallery2 install in the mirror has failed after going through and passing the install. (Maybe the above is why?) And it took about 30 hours to transfer my gallery data over! (About 400MBs) That doesnt seem right - but probaly the crap host (and reason I am migrating) that is to blame.