Importing data to MySQL?

Hi all. I had an ASP-based forum on a website that has now moved to Dreamhost. Alas, I have to drop that forum and start over from scratch with a PHP-based one, since Dreamhost doesn’t do ASP.

My big question then is: how can I import the data from the old database into the MySQL-base I have now? Through the panel (which is neat!) I can Export from MySQL, but can’t I also Import something? How?

I realize that the old database has a different structure, but I can change that once I know what that import format should be. I want to import the forum posts (and replies), along with user profiles, so that’s rougly three tables. I am not going to bother about the finer details (such as backlinks from posts to user profiles), but the posts and replies are really important to me.

I should note that I’m not an SQL guru, but I am excellent at following instructions. :slight_smile:


click the DB in the left frame, then click the SQL tab at the top of the right frame, from there you can run queries or import a text/schema file