Importing a typepad blog?

Hi. I’m brand new, so please excuse the many gaps in my understanding.

I’ve managed to sign up for dreamhost, install wordpress, and get a “placeholder” page up. Ultimately, I’m going to replace my old site with a new one written in wordpress, but for now, baby steps.

One “page” on my website will be for my blog. I think that’s currently showing as the home page. I am wondering if it is possible to import all of the old posts from my current typepad blog into the new wordpress hosted blog, and then just continue blogging there. I see that there is a plug in for import, but it wants me to have a file or ftp or things I just don’t see a way to do.

I don’t want to lose years and years of blogging and just start over here. I’d like for it to look seamless for all of my readers.

Any help greatly appreciated! The new wordpress site is and my old blog is at

Before you import your old posts, you need to export them from Typepad. I’m not familiar with Typepad, so I don’t know the procedure for this, but here is a page on that:

If you have a lot of posts (and Typepad provides the option), don’t export all your posts into a single file. WordPress could time out handling a large file. Try to do it by year, so as to break your export into multiple, smaller files.

Thank you. I managed the export file and I used the tool to import them into Wordpress, not realizing they would automatically show up on the homepage of the site.

Now, my challenge is to figure out how to get them all into the blog tab and leave the homepage (and rest of the site) free to develop into my commerce site.

If you need help with that, I have a tutorial on my blog here: