Important Change for email forwarding to AOL

Since Dreamhost began making system wide changes announcements on rather then emailing the announcements to all users, I have noticed (many) users who do not regularly read that site or subscribe to the RSS feed, are sometimes “surprised” when these changes “kick in”, so I though I’d post a little “heads up” here:

There is a recent change set to take place that will have a major impact on your email handling if you are currently forwarding mail via an alias to an AOL account. This is set to take place on August 29, 2006. Full details are available via this post

I strongly suggest that, if you currently forward mail to an AOL address, you check this out and make appropriate plans so you are not surprised when your email forwarding changes.

**edit - I appears this warning may not be necessary, as I just received via email a “Critical” notification about one of my addresses that is set up to forward to AOL. I presume others will receive similar emails. **