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Hi there my account got disabled about 4 days ago :S i need to change host i keep emailin dreamhsot for getting my backups becouase i wasnt able to get anysort of backup when i received immidiate cancellation what im a supposed 2 do. i have bieng waiting for more than 2 days but still no reply from them. i have still 5 more mounths left on dreamhost i am still there customer for the time bieng but i relaly need my back up if you was in my situateion what would you do ? can anyone help

If your account was disabled for a terms of service violation, why would you expect DreamHost to give you backups of your site? You must make your own backups on your hard drive frequently, or you’ll be at the mercy of your web host.

Was your account disabled for a reason other than a ToS violation?
Very little to do with either emus or farmers!

na but i got busted for spam i understand them disabling my account but unfortunatly i havet got any backup ! thats the thing i need my backup i got 30 thousand members waiting i need help :S

Well, spam is a Terms of Service violation, and it’s a shame all they are likely to do to you is summarily disable your account.

You should have backed up your stuff.


i noe it wasnt my foult my stupid admin sent out enourmous amount of emails to our members and the account got immadiate disablement i wasnt able to get any backup i really need help they dont answer 2 my emails iswell :S

I can’t imagine your account being completely disabled for just 2 mass spam mails. Not to mention DH’s system blocks against such things, if you’re using their mail servers. So it must be for something else.

Don’t fight with the poor guy. He got disabled, is it appropriate to be able to ask for access to the data so he can leave?

(I understand it’s “our own fault” but if he has forums and whatnot, that can be a lot of data that may be out of date.)

I do not know what the policy is.

Please note, we are just customers like you and have no more power with DH than the roadkill on the way to work.

Of course if the data was illegal and summarily deleted by DH staff then there won’t be anything to get.

Just some thoughts but guys (the customers) we can’t assume that everyone is hosting illegal stuff even if they are. Innocent until proven guilty - getting cut off is the punishment.

Be cool - he probably feels badly enough with all those users yelling at him.

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Paying in advance doesn’t bypass the TOS, so one of those two statements is probably wrong.

If it’s a TOS violation, and not a misunderstanding that can be cleared up, then there’s no reason for them to give you any access to their servers.

  1. Move on.
  2. Keep backups.
  3. Don’t break a host’s TOS.

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We didint do TOS or any illagal things you dont understand we just the admin sent out emails to our users which was big amount and some of them most of whnet spam. They immidiately canceled my account i wasnt able to get any backup in the mean time. I really need my backup or i wont be able 2 do anything its a huge data not a small forum with 200 members you see what im saying here !


I have absolutely no idea of what that says… but you should know that you’re not the one that gets to define what is or isn’t spam.

If you’re saying you sent out a ton of email to members that agreed to receive mail from you, and just about all of them reported it as spam, I’d be willing to bet it was spam.

If you’re saying some sort of script at DH automatically blocked you because of what you were sending out, then I’m sure DH would check it out and undo it if it’s a mistake.

Otherwise, there has to be more to it than simply emailing your members. There are plenty of people here with mailing lists, forums, etc… that don’t get shut down for spam.

If it’s something legit, clear it up with Dreamhost. In any case, there’s nothing anyone here can do–we’re just customers. If you play dumb or hide anything while dealing with them, I wouldn’t count on them replying or giving you access to anything.

Also, 200 members isn’t a huge community. If this takedown was based on complaints, I’d guess that most of them complained and you just need to move on.

If that is the case, I wouldn’t email any members at your new host until you have a better idea of what people want to receive mail about, or it will happen again. Example: If you run a forum about cooking & recipes, your member emails probably shouldn’t have affiliate links to “Win a free iPod!” offers. :wink:

I’d also add that if you’re blaming this on someone else that you gave access to your account, then it’s still your responsibility. If you’re saying it is spam, but your admin did it, that doesn’t really help change anything.

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So, to “sum up” as Inigo Montoya would say -

The answer to your original question (see subject) is: “No.”

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