Import Logs to PIWIK

I have recently installed PIWIK, and it works fine with the script to collect on-going stats. I wanted to be able to import my historical stats into PIWIK and they have a script for doing this, but I keep getting a “Fatal error: Forbidden” which I assume has something to do with permissions, but I can’t see to figure out where the issue is.

Does anyone have any experience with using the script for importing Apache logs into PIWIK?
When I run this in -d mode to debug it, I get the following: Error when connecting to PIWIK: HTTP Error 403: Forbidden. So I must have the permissions on something set incorrectly, possible access to the logs themselves?
ok, found the problem, I had an .htaccess file that I used for security purposes that was causing the issue, resolved! I am still interested if anyone has had experience with PIWIK and the import as I haven’t gone through the whole process yet.