Import database error/question


I try to import a database and get the following error –


I am not sure how to give lkjj access; I also wonder if that error message is something of a red herring and the issue isn’t with the capital letters in “MainModernist,” whereas my database is (has to be) all lowercase “mainmodernist.”

Any ideas, other theories on what might be going wrong?

Yes, case is significant, and it’s what’s tripping you up here. Open up your SQL dump in a text editor and just remove the “CREATE DATABASE” line entirely — the database already exists, so there’s no need to create it again.


Thanks a lot for this! I deleted that line and changed the “USE” to lowercase and it imported!

HI everyone my name is Josh.

OK so I just got everything working the way it needs to be but now I want to upload all my data from my own previously hosted wordpress site. So I have full access to all the files. So here is my problem because I have no internet on the server these files are on how do i import them to dreamhost? Is there a way to do this without ftp.

Also as for the toolbox is that only supported for registered domains with dreamhost, or is it only for use for full hosted domains

Thanks for any support Josh