Implementing AdSense in WordPress


Anyone here has managed to install the AdSense-Deluxe plugin into their WordPress webpage?

I’m using WordPress, installed and configured this plugin properly. My AdSense account is OK and I am able to preview some of the ads I should get.

But when I enter the proper code into any: post/php sidebar nothing appears on my blog.

Normally when posting I should use the code: <!–adsense–> to have the ad appearing and use:

<?php adsense_deluxe_ads('Ad_Name'); ?> if I want to insert it into a php template. None of these instruction works, nothing displays.

I was wondering if maybe it was dreamhost that was preventing such code to run?

Any of you have managed to add Adsense into your WordPress blog?

Thank you

Did you post the same thing again?

Pls refer to your another post

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