Impact of recent changes on PS resources use?

Did any other user of Dreamhost PS notice a change in cpu/ram for some days?

I read in the newsletter about the changed they did and I’m wondering if they are responsible for my site using much less resources from some 3 days ago.

I also had some usage spikes (which didn’t seem related to traffic, unless they were bots), which hasn’t been happening since.

I had set my meter above 400 to cope with the fluctuations (they went as high as 850), but for some days it has been consistently below 250.


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At the newsletter they said they were shutting down Jabber server processes at VPS, as they were eating resources if you didnt used that feature.

Surely that helped :slight_smile:

I did notice that Jabber was a big user of memory on my server. This is fantastic! Particulary since I don’t use it.

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