Immediate Action Required (Pending Account)

Good Day DreamHost,

I Really need my account activated as I am running on a tight deadline that I have to provide feedback in the next hour, I have submitted all required doccumentation as requested.

It could be detrimental to my job reputation if I can’t get this hosting package active ASAP.


Hi Harrison,

Thank you for contacting us! If you can supply a support ticket# or domain name on that account we can get it escalated over to our approvals team,

Matt C

Thanks for the prompt reply,

I have 2 tickets both contain the docs;



Thank you for those ticket #s I was able to get them over to our approvals team and they will update you accordingly,

Matt C

You’re all set!

Our approvals team was able to get make the account active, if you need further support you can reach us via the panel here Our Live Chat team is online 5am til 10pm PDT daily and ticket support is 24/7

Matt C

Matt, can you please look into my account as well? My account has been pending now for 6 business days. I’d like to start working on my webpage.

Account #2365268

I created tickets…but not sure where to find their #'s? Nothing was E-mailed to me.


Hi dt_cooper,

Thank you for that account info. I was not able to find any open tickets nor is the account active at this time. Our Approvals team will be sending you an email shortly, if you have more questions or need help please be sure to reply back to that email,

Matt C