The following is a discussion between support and me. I haven’t had any luck with them so I’m hoping someone here will know the answer.

I have a programmer that needs to know whether IMAP is supported ( compiled ) in PHP
version you have installed on the servers. We are trying to access an email address called via PHP. If you know of any literature we can look at about this it
would be even better.

Yes IMAP is compiled into our PHP builds.

Well there is a problem then:

resource imap_open ( string mailbox, string username, string password
[, int options])Returns an IMAP stream on success and FALSE on error.
This function can also be used to open streams to POP3 and NNTP
servers, but some functions and features are only available on IMAP
servers. It should return success or false but it returns that this
function sint supported

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: imap_open() in /home/.eloise/
posima/ on line 2

this is the start function of IMAP

IMAP isn’t on the list here

If you look above mysql at the following link you’ll see imap support

Unfortunately we can not provide support for third party software products. You may find what your looking for in our discussion forum.

Big help this last guy was, I waited three days for that response. Can anyone help me?