Imap versus POP mail


How do you do change from POP to imap?
Will I lose my messages if I do it?

I would like to save hassle by not having to delete the same messages on my phone and 2 computers, and not to clog up cyber space.
But I am worried about not having access to my mail or losing it to a tech glitch at dream host.

thoughts on this decision?

If I change from POP to IMAP and don’t like having to read mail only when I am connected, can I change back to POP without losing all my messages?



It wouldn’t be a dreamhost glitch if you lost your old mail.

With POP the messages are pulled from the server and reside locally on your computer / phone. With IMAP the main folder resides server side with local copies. Thus as you say, when you delete from one device, the folder on the server is updated which updates other devices.

That said it shouldn’t be a problem to switch, just make sure you have backed up the local messages on your comptuer before you start. They may disappear from your phone. Once IMAP is up and running you can open your local folder and copy to an IMAP folder and then you will have access to those on your phone again.

IMAP is a better answer these days, with everyone using a computer and smartphone, but they key here is… as always… make sure you have a backup before you make changes.