IMAP timeouts from leeloo

Anybody else seeing constant IMAP connection timeouts/drops? E-mail is pretty much useless this morning, and from other threads it still appears tech support is still pretty much unreachable.


I thought I was the only one…

Pretty slow this morning but I really don’t ahve a lot to compare to since I opened my account on Saturday…


My mailbox has been totally unreachable for the last hour :frowning: And “DreamHost Emergency Status” says

There are no serious issues at this time!

:frowning: :frowning:

The DH Emergency Status page is updated only when the control panel is unreachable. I’m having no troubles picking up my DH IMAP email.

what email server? my imap connections are fine, I am on sack.

or is all working now?

Ditto here

No email for the past hour or so.
Same thing happened on friday.
Try checking your webmail. As my email is there just not forwarded


[quote]Try checking your webmail.


ERROR : Connection dropped by imap-server.


s/updated/valid/ presumably.


Mine’s on Murdock…it is a little better but still takes some time to open a folder/email…


Hi Everybody,

As you may have noticed already, we’re having some mail server troubles this morning… hopefully all service will be restored shortly, hang in there!

My apologies…


Can you tell us what the problem is? My client who’s hosted here has been very concerned.

Murdock was a bit sluggish earlier, but noticed it’s working well now. Is that the only mail server affected?

All working again here. Many thanks, DH.