Imap subfolders

I have a imap subfolder called ardour-cvs where i manually move all of the email from this mailing list. I would like to setup my email from the server side (so it is independent of what computer I use my email from) to automatically place email from various lists into their respective folders. These emails are easy to identify, for example in the case of the one I am doing manually at them moment, they all have a subject starting with [Ardour-Cvs]. Can someone help me?

Your domain should have a mailboxes subdomain - for example - where you can log in and setup keyword filters. KEyword filtering is also configured from the DreamHost Web Panel of course under Mail -> Keyword Filter.

However if you don’t find that it does what you want, you can use yor own Procmail recipe file for your shell, ssh and FTP users.

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