IMAP/SMTP ports suddenly failing

I have a personal domain and email serving with Dreamhost ( I have IMAP set up on my desktop and various phones, laptops, and never had a problem.

With no warning or change to anything in my environment, this account stopped connecting to the host. Telnet to the smtp/imap ports fails, but normal traceroute is fine. The account is also fine on my phone over LTE. I also have two gmail accounts, which have no problems- so it’s some sort of issue between my ISP (TWC) and email ports specifically with Dreamhost. I tested various other ports/ssl combinations (143, 993, 587, 25, etc). Nothing works.

Does anyone have some insight into what may be going on here?


I have EXACTLY the same issue. I have TWC, Los Angeles/Ventura for provider. Started last Thursday night. June 17. Support HAS NOT BEEN HELPFUL!

A status message regarding this issue would be appropriate. But since the ticket was moved to a queue with no viewpoint… there is NO INFORMATION!

Digihorse - Neither Dreamhost nor TWC were any help. However, the problem cleared itself up about a week after I posted my issue. I have no idea why or how. Sorry I can’t be much more help, but hopefully it will clear up for you the same as me.

Thanks for the information. We’ll see if I should be so lucky. Driving me nuts without the Thunderbird junk mail filter.

I currently have the same problem.

I live in Socal and have the same cable company.

I opened up a ticket and they think that it is something on my end. I now see these posts and I wonder.

Nothing changed on my end as far as email client/password/ports etc.

I can access through DH online mail program with my PW Etc.

Very frustrating to say the least.

I tried all the standard ports etc.

Of course they think its “us”. I haven’t the patience to get through to a level 3 support person on the phone who actually understands routing and blocking. I may go to a local office to have a word directly… where I can demonstrate to them their screw up. I suspect it is because several of the mail IPs are on one or more RBL lists. Which I don’t care about… they are failing to provide me unfettered internet access and access to “my server”.

Sure would be nice to have Dreamhost work on them from their end as I’m sure they could more easily get up the food chain. Something has to change. This situation is not tenable long term

Dreamhost employs some sort of connection throttling for IMAP/SMTP connections. I have had this happen to myself. If too many connections are seen coming from the same source IP address in a certain amount of time, their firewall will temporarily block connections from that IP.

I thought I saw a post somewhere with more details about this, but it is easily verified by connecting via a different Internet connection, as you mentioned.

This is an ISP issue, not throttling. Tomorrow, I’ll go into the TWC office and have some “words” with them about their failure to provide the expected service.
@Hoopster How is your issue? Same? Better?

Same issue for POP3.

Still can’t connect to my mail servers from my desktop. Ok from cell phone, but usually use desktop. I finally just forwarded all of my mail to another account and that works ok for me.

My POP3 is working again now - Thanks DH for whatever you did.

I am having this issue at the moment, and strangely enough, also in Los Angeles/SoCal. As of last night my email suddenly won’t connect over my ISP (AT&T) on both my computer and iPhone, but when I switch to LTE or check my webmail it seems to be working fine. Any suggestions?