IMAP slowness?

Is anyone else noticing slowness in IMAP? Are the IMAP servers still experiencing problems? I’ve been noticing a lag via SSH/Pine since yesterday.


I haven’t noticed this myself. What mail server are you on? Did you check the Status of the server and/or any announcements in the web panel?

This could be due to a number of reasons, even network traffic at your end. Or if this is the first time you logged into your mail today and your ISP’s DNS cache isn’t up to speed, then you could even be suffering from:

  • wil

It’s the server load.
The load has been really jacked today, especially on the mail server Gabe’s using.

It does seem to have picked up this afternoon, but it was really dragging earlier.

And there was me convincing myself it was network traffic as I was looking and damming at an FTP download earlier creep to my desktop at 66k/s. :slight_smile:

  • wil