IMAP server extremely slow/times out

Anyone having problems with the DH IMAP server(s)? My connection to fetch headers in a folder either times out completely, and the folder does not have that much mail. It does have some large (3MB) attachments and I think the IMAP server maybe a bit overloaded and can’t scan the headers fast enough.

Yes, similar (frustrating) problems.

I am wondering if there are networking issues between the IMAP server and the box that I ssh into. All my mail accounts are also shell accounts, so my mail is kept on my hosting box. It looks like when I check mail, I check through some other box.

same problems here. It’s not just IMAP tho; I’m having time-outs with POP as well.

There’s nothing on the blog and my support request has gone unanswered for 2.5 hours. I hope someone at DH is looking into this.

I’m with ya. My support ticket is 15 hours old at this point.

This problem is now on the DH status blog.

They listed a bunch of fixes, but it still hasn’t done anything for my mail. Sigh.