IMAP Sent messages showing as unread


Anybody notice this odd IMAP behavior that just started in the last few days?

After sending out an IMAP message, it is showing as unread in my Sent folder on other clients. This doesn’t happen immediately - only after the next IMAP sync. So, the client is doing the right thing, but the IMAP server seems to be reporting the message as unread.

Again, this just began happening in the last few days when no settings have changed.

My client is OS X Lion’s and the account’s IMAP Sent folder is set to ‘Store sent messages on the server’. Probably not a Lion issue since I’ve had Lion running the last couple of weeks.



I am having the exact same problem having just moved to a new iMac and Lion’s Mail app. Very strange, never seen it IMAP sent messages like that before.

Same thing has happened in Mail’s Trash and Junk folders on occasion, but most often in Sent mail.