IMAP Sent folder in

I’m using in Panther and can’t get it to save the messages that I compose to the server at all. I can get it to save them locally and then manually move them to the server, but I really want this to happen automatically - just like the .Mac account.

Meanwhile, I’ve completely obliterated all the sent messages I had on the server - and I REALLY didn’t want to do that.

Frustrated the hell out of me too for awhile. It worked just fine at my last webhost but not when I moved to DH.
Theres an article about this I stumbled upon in the KBase about a month ago.

Open up Mail.
Select the Sent folder on the server
From the Mailbox menu, go to Use This Mailbox For and set it as your Sent folder for the account.

This was doing my head in. Search everywhere and couldn’t find the answer. Sorted, works perfectly.


[ Dreamhost Sent messages not stored locally ]