Imap > .PST's

I apologize for the noob request here, but I’m trying to cut a SquirrelMail user over from SM to Outlook (essentially just AWAY from Webmail for his work email as default, to using Outlook like he does at home for his personal e-mail). I setup an Outlook account, configured for POP3 and am successfully pulling his current e-mails. However, he’s accumulated scads of folders within SM that he’d like to have in his Outlook. I’ve been advised by a Penguin-head (affectionate term) friend of mine to re-class the user’s e-mail as IMAP to gain access to these folders, and then congregate them and .PST them before changing his client back to POP3. Is that a cogent approach…any better ideas? I’m kind of a Microsloth slug here and could use some assistance in porting over the “Older Messages” & customer folders into Outlook. Thanks in advance for your consideration. Looking forward to getting him up ‘an runnin’ soon.


What’s this pluggie innie dealie do?

Sounds like probably the easiest way to do it to be honest.