IMAP problems this AM

Is anyone else having IMAP problems this AM? My Pine connection to smtp mail server keeps timing out and when trying to send messages, I keep getting this error:

[Mail not sent. Sending error: 451 Error: queue file write error]


Try removing this line from your .pinerc:
also remove:

This stuff should be inherited from the global pine.conf. I wouldn’t suggest using SMTP from Pine at all - just use sendmail directly (leave smtp-server blank).

A couple other questions…

  1. Are you having problems with IMAP, or SMTP (or actually with both)? The two are separate.

  2. I am also seeing some problems with SMTP on one of our machines (see the other message). I will look into this as soon as I’m able. I think this was due to some MySQL problems.

  3. 451 is a temporary error. I am not sure what would have caused this, but email me privately if you keep on getting this.

Thanks for the reply, Will. Per your suggestions, I’ve removed the smtp server from .pinerc settings. The emails certainly aren’t hanging anymore (they APPEAR to be sent right away), but there’e a several MINUTE or more delay in receipt at test accounts and I’m now questioning whether some emails are even going through at all. Still waiting for receipt of a few to two different external accounts that I sent quite some time ago…

I also removed the inbox path setting and it simply defaults to that (when viewing through Pine and not looking directly at file).

Removing the sendmail certainly puts messages through faster, but they only seem to be delivered with extensive delay or not at all. What’s happening?

Now I’m worried if ANY of the emails I’ve been sending today (via SMTP or sendmail) are going through at all??

Re: IMAP or SMTP problems…Sorry for confusion. I guess my problem was with SMTP, not IMAP. And now sendmail. :slight_smile: I’m able to access incoming email just fine (I hope they’re all coming through, anyway!), but am apparently having problems sending.


When they go through sendmail on your machine, they have to go through a relayhost as well.

Sometimes there are delays with this, although they shouldn’t be as long as the ones you’re describing. Let me know if the delays persist, and I’ll take a look at it.