IMAP problem

I am having a problem with my IMAP accounts. Everything has been running fine for months and then i needed to redo all my accounts and when i redid the settings I no longer have the little globe icons for my IMAP accounts. Now all the folders that are stored on my server drop down from the inbox and therefore the drafts, trash, sent etc. don’t sync any longer.

This is what I have tried. I already did the “Use this mailbox for…” (and now i get the message "folder can not be located on server, you must subscribe to mailbox) , and i have redone the mailboxes several times (just incase I set something up wrong). This is driving me crazy.

Previously all my stored mailboxes appeared at the bottoms of the left hand colum with tne @ globe symbol. Someone help please.


It sounds like it is set up as a pop3 now instead of imap.
Check your account settings and make sure it says imap not pop3. If it says pop3, you more than likely will have to delete that account and start over.

Nope, definitely set up as IMAP :frowning:
the whole thing is wierd. worked fine before i had to redo the accounts.