IMAP - problem with messages in folder not populating


Does anyone from Dreamhost read these forums? If so, I need some help from someone who knows what they are doing.

I have really been having the most frustrating experience trying to get some help with someone at Dreamhost to help me fix a problem with one of my IMAP folders - or even answer a simple flippin question about what version of dovecot they are running.

The most frustrating thing is, no one there seems to have a clue about anything.

Oh - but they were helpful enough to send me a ‘tarbell’ of my folder with the messages in it (at first I thought it was an innocent typo, but the support person did it three times in t he same email).

The tarball clearly shows that there are about 24,000 legitimate (non-zero-byte) files/emails in the cur directory, but there are also 815,000+ zero-byte ‘hardlinks’ (looks like many many duplicates for each of the legitimate emails).

Clearly, dovecot has barfed somehow.

I cannot get even a CROOKED answer about whether or not anyone has attempted to repair the folder/messages using doveadm, or, as a last resort, maybe just manually deleting the indexes for this folder and the 815,000 zero-byte files in the cur directory.

Luckily I haven’t had to contact support much over the 7? 8? 10? years I’ve been with Dreamhost, but the total lack of support for this one event is seriously making me consider switching hosts.

It’s simple really… don’t use dreamhost for email. It’s not worth it.

Dreamhost ranks high in many areas, email is not one. Do yourself a favor and PAY for business class email somewhere else.

Obviously… already looking for alternatives. Any suggestions for a hosting company that provides decent IMAP service?


I don’t know of one company for both.

The problem that I’ve identified is that hosting companies attract spam generators. Overall that causes their mail services to achieve lower rankings. Dreamhost is not alone in this category. In general, companies that win for hosting, seem to suck at email.

The mx records for all my domains point to a Microsoft operated Exchange service. I pay $4.00/month per user and it’s worth it because it always works.