Imap php

I’m a new customer in the process of moving my stuff over from my old host. Lo and behold I just found out that IMAP is not supported on PHP here at DH. I do not know how to compile my own PHP, but I could learn if there is a tutorial.

Is there an alternative to using imap_open() in PHP? I am only using it for my start page that shows me how many emails read and unread that are in my in box.

It would be nice if I had known before signing up with DH that this is not supported. I don’t know that it would have chaned my mind any, but it was not a pleasant discovery for me.


Let me know what you need compiled in, I can help you out with it. It is actually pretty easy once you get things pointed to the right directories.

I think you are jumping the gun about IMAP not being supported. There are so few hosting providers that give you access to the compiler to build your own PHP. I for one like the flexibility.


I too need PHP imap_*, so if there’s a dummy’s guide to installing it on DH, I’d be really interested to see it.

Give me a few days, I will put something together.

Not quite sure what else I would need. I was under the assumption that imap support was standard with PHP. Nothing that I run calls for anything besides what comes standard with PHP.

I’ve installed PHP on a windows machine before. I’m sure that installing it in Linux is not the same.



oops, just posted exactly this same question in the programming forum. Are we talking about compiling our own php cgi here? That would allow 5.0.2, and I was mulling it, but, yeah, p2ranger, I was also kinda shocked to receive

[b]Fatal error:[/b] Call to undefined function: imap_open()PHP does have to have the c-client library for imap functions to work, and I guess it’s just not compiled in. Another option (besides compiling your own php cgi) is parsing the mailbox yourself, but that can be kind of a nightmare.

Well, I just wanted to stick my toe in this door. I’m still considering my options and using (yuk) squirelmail for the interrim.

This sounds fantastic. I am into the exact same problem. I need IMAP for PHP to support the moblog-script i want to use for WordPress. The problem is that I have no clue on how to compile my own PHP and would absolutely need the “get IMAP for PHP up and running on DreamHost for dummies”-guide…

Just an update, I am working on one, but I can’t get it to work right this time around. I have to go un-archive the old sources to see what I did.

I have two little scripts I use to automate the installation of PHP and its dependencies, so it’s basically:

inst curl
inst imap
inst libxml2
inst libxslt
inst php5 (or php)

I can’t guarantee it won’t wipe out your directory or something, and the code isn’t the best, but it’s worked for me for a few years. I thought some brave people might be interested in tinkering with it.

I can’t get your script to work correctly, it keeps coming back with

bash: ./inst: /usr/local/bin/php: bad interpreter: Permission denied

any idea how to fix this? all I want to do is use the POP3 capabilities built into PHP, I didn’t think it would be quite this difficult!

No guarantees it will work at all :slight_smile:

chmod u+x inst
chmod u+x install-php

That will fix the “bad interpreter” error, at least.

Well, it sort of runs now, but it gives me a

Error in argument 1, char 3: option not found

Hmm, taking the -q off of the first line of the script gives it the bad interpretor error again, and any other tag gives it the same error…
This is too frustrating…
Is it too much to ask to just have IMAP support in PHP? It can’t be as hard as I’m making it…

ps - I know I’m overusing elipses, ok?

Thanks for the script, I didn’t realize I would want to compile so many versions of PHP. I do love the control you get by compiling your own version. This is a major benefit in my mind.