IMAP, Outlook Exp, Sent Folder

I am simply unable to get this to work. I have searched the KB and the forums, and can find no mention of this problem. I figured I would post here before doing a support ticket. 2 results happen:

  1. After initally configuring OE, everything seems normal, except that no sent messages get saved into the Sent folder.
  2. Under Tools->Accounts->[the account]->properties->IMAP->Store special folders on IMAP servier->… If I uncheck the box, nothing happens (of course). But when I check it back, even without changing the names of anything, it eventually gives me a “Your Sent Items folder was not polled… Mailbox does not exist or must be subscribed to.”

I need to get the Sent folder working. I feel that I have tried everything obvious. Any help will be appreciated.

First though, I guess, I would like to know if anyone has OE working with the Sent folder and IMAP, and then I’ll know to even pursue this. I may attempt to force the user to go to Thunderbird, which I know will work.

Thank you

Thought I’d give this a shake before I contact support. I can’t believe I’m the only one experiencing this problem.


I finally figured this out… :slight_smile:

In order to be able to use the special folders, you have to make OE see them at the root of your IMAP store (not as a sub of the INBOX folder.)

So, in your OE configuration, go to the IMAP tab of the server’s properties (the same tab where you specify the Special Folders.) for the Root Folder Path, use INBOX. This makes the INBOX the root, and all folders and container folders live under there.

This will not hurt your experience any… in fact, it will help, because you can now specify any of your folders as your special folders.

The only downside is you will wanna compress and clean up your local account, because it will likely have duplicate copies of your messages that you can’t see. :slight_smile: