Imap_open to Gmail

While I wait to see if the blacklisting I mentioned in this thread gets resolved (although I’m guessing it won’t…I looked at the backscatter blacklist and it looks like there are just too many people on DH abusing the ability to send out arbitrary messages), I set up a catch-all address at Google Apps for a subdomain.

But when I go to imap_open into that account using the above string (yes, I made sure that IMAP is enabled and Outlook can connect to it), I get the following PHP error:

I’ve done quite a bit of searching around and usually this error seems to indicate that imap-ssh is not complied into PHP, but if I run phpinfo(), I do see --with-imap-ssh included in the top section, so I kind of thought that would take care of it.

Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong, or can we not connect to Gmail’s IMAP from DreamHost servers?