IMAP mail migration and mailutil

I’m attempting to transfer some IMAP mailboxes from my old web host to a domain and mailboxes hosted with DreamHost. I read the support wiki topic on E-mail Import and the method of server-to-server transfer using mailutil from the command shell looked best (

Unfortunately when I try the command I receive the message “-bash: mailutil: command not found”

I may be missing something very obvious because I’m not very experienced with using the command line.

Any suggestions or help with MailUtil would be greatly appreciated! Or if anyone has other ideas about the general issue of migrating about 6GB of mail without having to download it to my laptop and then upload it, I would appreciate those as well.

On my machine, it’s /usr/bin/mailutil


Hi Scott,
Thanks for that information, but when I use that path I receive a file or folder not found message. Is it possible that mailutil is not installed on the dreamhost server to which I am connecting? Or, more likely, that I am still missing something very obvious?

It would seem it’s not installed. Drop a note to Support.