Imap issues



Anyone seeing issues with the imap services? i can barely even use pine on ibc to check my mail, and that’s complaining of no repsonse for 15, 30, 60 seconds at any one time…

this is this morning, but generally over the last few months i’ve found imap connectivity to be largely awful. i installed horde/imp and that too crawls along, often bombing out with lost connections to the imap servers…




Which mail server are you on? If you click on Account Status in the upper right of the Panel, it’ll show you. I’m on spunky and it’s fine.



it’s Spacey… still crawling for the last few hours. Is it possible to request a server change? i’ve been seeing very very slow imap connectivity for months, let alone the awful awful service specifically today…


Spacey’s had problems before. Do a search on and you’ll see its history. Better contact support and see what they say.



I’ve contacted them, they tell me that 90mb of email is clearly the cause of a TCP timeout to an otherwise totally healthy imap server… super.

also nothing at all at present on the status blog… hardly proactive is it?


Do you have 90 megs of mail in your inbox? The size of the inbox shouldn’t matter; just the number of messages. How are other mail accounts performing on your server? You could set up a test mail account and see how that does.



one folder does yes, and that’s totally irrelevant to the issue which they acknowledged in a follow up. sending an email took literally 4 minutes in pine… 30 seconds just to change a read flag over imap to spacey. I’m not aware of anything that could be account specfic to look at…


If you have 90M in you INBOX it most CERTAINLY will affect things (though I don’t think you are saying this are you?).

IMAP is not magical, your client has to scan the indexes a lot to check whether anything has changed and this does take time.

I’ve noticed that having a large folder (>a few hundred entries) can slow IMAP to a crawl - this is not unique to Dreamhost. It is best to keep the number of entries <1000 in any one folder.


Julian Knight