Imap issues

I have 4 imap mailboxes - is configured to check them all every 5 minutes. Randomly, I get an error saying that the imap server rejected the password for an account (any one of the 4, it varies). I store the passwords, and I know they are correct, so this msg must be bogus. I’m getting the error 5-10 times an hour and its highly annoying. Any suggestions?

You may have to contact support if the problem continues. If these are newly created mail accounts they might need some time to work.

Check your usernames are correct as these can give the same password error as if the password were incorrect.


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You’re not alone – my domain has been experiencing similar issues for the past 36 hours or so. The webmail panel gives a high volume of IMAP connection dropped errors, and POP mail retrieval is asking to re-enter passwords on the majority of retrieval attempts.

This is happening even on (amongst other accounts) my own main account, an account that has been around for a number of years, now – so it’s not a new account set-up issue. Nor have I made any changes to mail account configurations in…longer than I can even remember.

It happens on both WinXP and MacOSX 10.4, in different email clients, different browsers, over different ISPs, you-name-it-I’ve-tried-testing-it. I think this is pretty clearly a problem on the hosting side, and have accordingly filed a detailed support request. If you haven’t done likewise, and are still having the problem, you might consider filing a support request of your own, to help bump the issue up on the DH priority list.

Me too. At least two domains seeing webmail IMAP problems – connection drops. I’m not seeing/hearing about PC client problems. Yet.

Didn’t see anything at so just left report with support.


join the club. my email has been out all morning. i have already submitted a support ticket with no response. has no mention of it and the support page in my admin panel says:

“7 hours 2 mins ago: Outage verified: We are actively looking into resolving it.
7 hours 9 mins ago: Outage first reported.”

same issue for me with webmail. Constant:

ERROR: Connection dropped by IMAP server.

Started yesterday evening I think.

Interesting. I initially reported the problem as an individual domain issue, which DH logged in just over six hours ago. Based on the latest postings in this thread, I just went back and reported it through the system-wide outage interface, which says,

1 hour 2 mins ago: Outage verified: We are actively looking into resolving it.
1 hour 48 mins ago: Outage first reported.

Which is very strange, when compared to what you’re seeing (outage reporting times >7 hours ago). I must have selected a different parameter set on the form than you did.

did you actually submit a support ticket or did you just check the system status? if you didn’t submit a ticket and choose the most urgent option you will wait a long time for support to get back to you

Oh, believe you me, I sent them a thoroughly detailed support ticket. I’ve been a customer with DH for a fair number of years, now – I know the drill!

Unfortunately, I’ve been in and out of my office all day today, or I would have used my callbacks allowance to turn the heat up a little further. (No point, if I’m not going to be here to take the call.)

i tried using a callback twice and never actually got a call back so i haven’t used it since.

i filled a ticket ~14 hrs ago, they said they’re looking into it…

With outages like this, I recommend dreamhost any of my clients who rely on email for business. 'tis a shame.

I reported the issue also, FWIW, it seems much better now. Not telling how long it lasts, thankfully I can just ssh to the host and use mutt :smiley:

I’m still having these problems, seemed better for a while… but came right back