IMAP IDLE support

Hi all

I’m thinking of moving my hosting and email over to DreamHost as I have been told they offer IMAP IDLE (push email) support as standard. Can anybody confirm if this is the case and any experience using it?

I have severe problems at the moment with the reliability of my current hosting provider for both email and website hosting.

Thanks guys.


Yes, IMAP IDLE works. I use it with Chatteremail on my Treo and mail is delivered nearly instantly; it’s great.

If you are concerned about reliability you should read elsewhere on the forums, and on the dreamhost blog and status pages. They have had several incidents recently. I am sticking with them at this point, because normally they are pretty good, but you should know what you’re buying.

As the above poster mentioned - I really would consider somewhere else if your main interest is email. For the last 6 months we’ve had nothing but off and on problems with their IMAP servers.