Imap IDLE on my iPhone

So, I just grabbed an iPhone and I was curious about getting my dreamhost email account to “push” email out to it via the idle protocol. Has anyone else set this up? From what I read in the dreamhost wiki I don’t need to make any changes on the server side, it should already be enabled, but I’m not getting email without manually checking it on the phone and I can’t seem to find a setting on the device or in Apple’s documentation. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Since it is IMAP, it will not be a PUSH type service. IMAP – the closest thing is to configure it to check your mail every so many minutes automatically.

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That’s incorrect. IMAP does in fact support PUSH, in conjunction with IDLE, and Dreamhost supports it for the explicit purpose of mobile devices like the iPhone. Read here:

Also, in this thread d00d mentions getting Dreamhost PUSH to work with an iphone:

“Actually, based upon some informal testing with Dan Moren’s iPhone and an IMAP account with IDLE support (Dreamhost), the “push” email support is simply the support of the IDLE command.”

So, any ideas on getting mail pushed out to my iPhone?

I know the IDLE feature has come up here before, but I couldn’t track it down in a search. I got a ton of IMAP threads and didn’t see any obvious subject lines mentioning IDLE.


IMAP idle on the iPhone is only functional with Yahoo. I don’t know why.

Works great on my Treo. Maybe you need to wait for a couple more software updates on the iPhone for it to work properly.

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Just to let you know that IMAP-IDLE feature has been suggested on the DH Panel and you can vote for it to get it fully implemented: