IMAP header mapping to message problems

I have problems when using IMAP. There are two problems, maybe related or not, I’m using Thunderbird as a client from a couple XP machines and a Linux machine. They all seem to have the same problems. In addition, each client has two accounts, my work email and my personal email from dreamhost. My work email works flawlessly and has over 4000 messages while I keep my dreamhost inbox under 200 messages or so. Neither problems below have ever happened with my work server.

  1. Looks like IMAP IDLE stops working. I suddenly stop getting notification of new mail. If I close Thunderbird and reopen it I often immediately get new mail.

  2. Often, the header -> message mapping is wrong. When I click on a header, I get the body of another message. If I then close Thunderbird and restart, if often redownloads all of my dreamhost headers (never my work ones) and then things are usually all right for a while until I see one of these issues again. If I click in enough random mails before restarting, I can often find the body of the one I’m looking for.

I’m not familiar w/ the IMAP protocol but I think it assigns IDs for the headers/messages and it sure seems those are getting out-of-sync somehow.

I’ve recently been trying to setup IMAP access from my phone and am also seeing when fetching the body from a header getting the wrong message. The only thing is my phone caches the body so it never seems to correct itself. It bascially makes it unusuable on my phone.

I filed a support case once and my client was blamed. But now I’ve used multiple clients on multiple OS’s and they all see it. I’m pretty sure it’s the server, have been dealing with it for over a year. IMAP is one of the main reasons I signed up for a dreamhost account, I’ve lived with it for now but it’s unusable on my phone so I need to do something.

No one else is seeing this? I tried searching…no avail.