IMAP Email

On the wiki:

“With IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) your email client is constantly connected to our server, and doesn’t make local copies of your messages. IMAP is great if you access your email from lots of different machines, since it keeps all the messages in one place. It’s also good if you have a slow connection, because it only downloads the email headers until you choose to read a whole message. That’s great for deleting spam by just reading the subject line! IMAP needs a constant connection to the Internet the whole time you’re doing your email”

Q. Does this mean that my Outlook Explorer has to be constantly connected to the Internet in order to recieve mail sent to a domain / web address hosted on Dreamhost? ie, does my pc always needs to be switched on and connected to the Internet for IMAP to work in terms of receiving mail, but what happens if my pc is not connected, does mail sent to a dreamhost account just bounce?



When you use your email client in IMAP mode to collect email there is a connection made whilst you are online. When you go offline and turn your PC off the connection is obviously lost but email sent to your email account is still stored in your DreamHost email account. It is not bounced but waits patiently, singing to itself, for you to connect to your account again so it can hop into your PC.


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